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for Staff Use

Listed below are the most common types of request forms used by the PTO.   Click the button for access to an electronic form.  Staff, parents, and students can all fill out and submit these forms.  (Prefer a hard copy?  Paper forms are available in the PTO mailbox located inside the school office.) 


Completing a form:

1. Complete form clearly and legibly, in completion.

2. Return the printed form and any supporting documentation to school office and place it in the PTO mailbox.  ****OR*** Submit the form electronically as instructed on the form site (button below).  Receipt images can be emailed to

3. PTO Treasurer will check the PTO mailbox (and email box) on a regular basis and will issue a response in a timely manner. Depending on the type of follow-up from the Treasurer, please allow up to two weeks for processing.


Note: We do our budgeting and plan our fundraisers based on the prior year’s expenses.  If our volunteers do not submit receipts for reimbursement, we could under-report our expenses resulting in budgeting problems for future years.  We ask that our volunteers do not “eat” expenses.  If you wish to donate items you have purchased, please contact the Treasurer to ensure that the donation is correctly accounted for.  We will gladly accept your donation!

Don't see the form you're looking for?

Please contact us at

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