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Nutrition Guidelines

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The West Des Moines School District has strict guidelines for food brought into schools. For a variety of reasons, whether it's a birthday party, PTO-Sponsored party, or another special occasion only certain foods are allowed to be distributed in classrooms. 

-Food items must be store-bought, never home-made.

-Pizza Parties must be scheduled in advance with your student's teacher and must be a meal replacement (for example: the pizza party is the lunch served for that day.) A vegetable (carrot sticks) or fruit must be offered along with the pizza.

-For student birthdays, only snacks from the district's approved snack list can be served. If a treat or snack item not on the list and is brought into the school, the office will not allow it to be taken to the classroom. Click here to view the approved list of foods.


-Nutrition Services offers allergy safe options on their menu that can be purchased through the district and served at school. Please click here to see the menu and instructions on how to place an order.  Questions? Contact Jason Brand at

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