Crazy Fun Run to be held indoors

Due to unpredictable weather the Annual Crazy Fun Run will be indoors tomorrow. Each class has been assigned a ten minute run time in the gym. Students will stretch with instructors from FIT in their classrooms 15 minutes prior to their run. After running in the gym, students will go back to their classrooms for a snack. Parents, family, and friends are still encouraged to dress crazy and come support your student! SEE BELOW FOR GYM TIMES. All adults entering the building will need an ID badge. If you registered to run in the event, are a volunteer, or let the school know you were coming ahead of time, your ID has been pre-printed for you and will be available at a table inside the front doors. All other spectators must check in with the front office to retrieve an ID badge. The event overall has been scaled down due to being moved indoors. Although we are disappointed, we plan to it as fun as possible for our students. Thank you for your hard work fundraising, your patience and your understanding! Gym Times 11:15 (PK AM) 12:00 (6H) Herrin 12:10 (6P) Phillips 12:20 (6W) Walters 12:30 (2R) Rothfus 12:40 (2B) Beltran 12:50 (2Z) Zimmer 1:00 (1K) Kautz 1:10 (1T) Taylor 1:20 (1F) Finer 1:30 (KG) Good 1:40 (KC) Cheeley 1:50 (KM) Miller 2:00 (4S) Stieber 2:10 (4G) Gallentine 2:20 (4D) Dolan 2:30 (3H) Hoover 2:40 (3G) George 2:50 (3N) Nicol 3:00 (5P) Phillips 3:10 (5W) Welch 3:20 (5S) Sherman

Don't forget to have your student wear their Fun Run t-shirt to school that was sent home today (with race bib pinned on), wear athletic shoes, and dress just as CRAZY as they absolutely can!

Any questions or concerns, please email