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Big Changes for Valentine's Day Parties (Friendship Parties)!

With Valentine's Day approaching here is something you need to know before you go out and buy anything for your student, NO CANDY! This year the District has instituted a strict nutritional policy. No candy will be allowed to be passed out at school for Valentine's Day. For the "Friendship Parties" students are encouraged to bring Valentine's cards. A suggested alternative to candy are no food treats like pencils, erasers, etc. Should your child opt to pass out treats they must follow the District Nutritional Guidelines. Please click here to see a list of district approved store bought food items. For questions please call the office 515-633-5801.

The Friendship Parties will begin at 2:15pm on Wednesday, February 14th. A district approved Valentine cookie will be served to every student at the parties. The students will play a game and pass out their Valentine cards if they choose to bring some. If you need Valentine cards or know a student who might, please contact your student's teacher. Students are encouraged to decorate a shoe box at home and bring it the day of the party to collect their Valentines. White paper bags will also be provided at school to decorate and collect cards.

Please contact your student's teacher if you'd like to help at the classroom parties. Stay tuned for a sign up genius link to help donate supplies.

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